So I’ve reached the penultimate few hours of my final greyhound bus journey. We will be in Sydney soon and sadly my journey down the east coast of Australia will be in its final stages.

I’ve had a Cairns-Sydney bus pass and throughly enjoyed my greyhound experience. I read a few reviews that had me a bit concerned before I arrived here, but all of my buses have been on time, clean, the drivers have been patient and kind and the stops have been of adequate quality and quantity – for the value and time saving it adds to your trip not having to drive the massively long distance yourself, you really can’t complain – they offer a decent service in my opinion and I would definitely use them again!
There are a few things however, it would have been handy to know before I boarded the bus for the first time, so here goes:

1- if the blue light around the USB point isn’t lit up chances are it doesn’t work – move seats! 

2- for the light in the toilet to turn on you need to lock the door – save yourself the embarrassment of someone walking in when you haven’t locked it and are trying to use your phone as a light source! 

3- they don’t lock the bus at stops so make sure all your valuables leave the bus with you!

4- bringing a neck pillow and some form of blanket/sheet will make those overnight stops a hell of a lot more bearable

5- the bus usually stops every 4 hours or so for a 30min food and toilet break, your not allowed hot drinks or food on board so eat before you get on and bring snacks 

6- the service stations (speaking for the east coast only)! Are pretty much the same as those in the UK, although most have a hot food counter. Pretty pricey however and near on impossible to get anything remotely healthy – bring your own food!

7- if your travelling in a pair and doing a log stint get a double seat each, at least to reserve your space at the start of the journey – trust me you’ll want that extra space when it comes to contemplating sleeping!

8- most of the buses have wifi and charging but not all of them do, the really old ones still have non reclining seats and no add ons so have your stuff charged and preloaded with entertainment just in case!

9- the wifi is relatively good but pretty temperamental, as can be expected from a moving hub! Don’t expect to be streaming movies though, Facebook, emails and google searches is fine but anything else is probably a bit too much! 

10 – during the day, the view isn’t too bad either! – here’s a few photos I took when passing through the Gold Coast 

11 – the journeys go pretty quick, don’t fret about that 13 hour journey too much, you’ll be there before you know it and thankful you weren’t driving those 1000kms yourself – also if it was overnight then awesome, you’ve just saved yourself a nights hostel fee! 

I hope these tips are useful when planning your next greyhound Australia trip!

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