See the sights and still enjoy it – how not to rush 3 days in NYC!

New York City is vast and full of amazing things to see and do. So it is very tempting to try and cram it all into a short space of time. This post is all about my top tips on spending 3 days in New York, seeing the sites but not feeling rushed off you feet!

Day 1:

Top of the Rock, Broadway, Times Square

– 9am – get to the Rockefeller centre and head to the Top of the Rock  nice and early, you get the best views with the fewest people, shortest queues, likely the best weather (but no-one can predict that), and what better way to start the day than looking at this amazing view!? (above)
– 11am –  maybe sooner if you didn’t want to spend so much time soaking up the view (I can’t understand why not though, I mean look at it!), take a short stroll to times square where you can either get in line ready for the TKTS ticket booth to open, for cut price Broadway   theatre tickets or…. head to the box office of the show you would like to see and you might be lucky enough to get a great seat at an amazing price in the daily ‘lottery’ . I did both, queued up at TKTS only to find they wanted $100 for a ticket, and then wandered into the Matilda box office (blissfully unaware) and got a orchestra seat for a steal of only $42!

– 1pm – It’s show time! Stock up on snacks and get ready for the ultimate theatre experience!

– 4pm – Spend the rest of the afternoon/evening exploring times square , get lost in the shops if thats your scene if not take in the atmosphere and let yourself wander!

Day 2:

The Statue of Liberty, New York Stock Exchange, Ground Zero, World Trade Centre, Century 21, Maceys, Bloomingdales!

– 9am –  its time to see Lady Liberty in the flesh, if your like me and like a bargain then head down to  south ferry  subway station on subway line  1.  Hop off here and head to the  Staten Island ferry terminal , here you can get a free trip across the water with the commuters. Head to the top deck for a great view of the  statue of liberty  and don’t spend a penny. When you reach Staten Island just get off the boat and then re-board for you free return trip back to manhattan. The skyline looks pretty cool from the boat too! You can’t get up close and personal with this option though, and if thats what you would rather do then you can instead choose to get on a tour boat to Liberty Island for a fee.
– 11am –  map in hand now its time to get walking! One of my favourite things about NYC is the fact you can walk around pretty easily and get between a lot of the great sites on your own two feet. First stop  the financial district  where you can get the iconic  ‘holding the balls’  photo of the  charging bull.  This bronze statue is a tourist fave and whilst your walking this way its hard to resist the photo opportunity! Carry on up and you get to  Wall Street , and the famous  New York Stock Exchange.
– 12pm –  pay your respects at  ground zero , you can either wander round the memorial and the surrounding gardens or you can take a guided tour from the museum.  The World Trade Centre  is also in this area so if you fancy a visit now is your chance.
– 2pm –  just across the road from the World Trade Centre you will find  Century 21,  the  ultimate shopping experience , for those liking designer goods at a fraction of the price. Spend a few hours here if you fancy before heading back towards midtown Manhattan to explore  Maceys, Bloomingdales  and all the other amazing shops NYC has to offer! Trust me shopping will take up the rest of your afternoon and probably more if your that way inclined – if your not then take the opportunity to wander the streets and see what you find, theres always something going on here!

Day 3:

Central Park, The High Line, Chelsea Market

– 9am – head to  central park  and  hire a bike!  Seriously this is the best way to explore this enormous green beauty. My absolute favourite thing is the  Alice in Wonderland  statue, and there are plenty of others to go and hunt down so grab the cycling map and don’t miss out!
– 12pm –  after spending the morning exploring head to the  High Line in West Side Manhattan , for a more urban, artsy outdoors experience. This disused railway come sky garden is not to be missed and its an enjoyable stroll which takes you from the centre along the bank of the hudson and back round. Make sure you join it in a convenient location to leave it – preferably exiting near  Chelsea Market  our final destination!
– 2pm –  food! Its all about the food at  Chelsea Market!  Try as much as you can, my personal favourites were the hot dogs! There are also some pretty great independent shops to browse and the aesthetics are particularly pleasing too!

So thats it – 3 days in New York encompassed.


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