Rome is a beautiful city, with a historic charm. 48 hours is not a massive amount of time, but it is possible to see the highlights at a leisurely pace, and not feel like you are running around – I promise!
For me the best thing to do on trips like these is have a few places you don’t want to miss and plan to see, and then any free time should be spent exploring!

Day 1

Head into Rome on the metro from your accommodation, and get off at the ‘Colosseo’ stop. Metro map here:
As you exit the metro station you will see the Colosseum directly in front of you on the left hand side. On the right hand side you will see a lot of ruins, and probably a large queue of people, fear not, head over towards the area marked ‘Palatine’ and purchase a combined ticket for The Colosseum and Palatine. Available at €12 for adults and a discounted rate of €7 for EU citizens 18-25 years old and EU teachers. This combined ticket gives you access to both the Colosseum and The Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, which are located in the same area. The great news is, the ticket is valid for 2 days, so if you decide to change up my schedule and do things a bit differently thats completely fine!
Check out the following link for details on purchasing tickets prior to your visit:
If you want more information on visiting the colosseum check out this awesome travel guide:

Spend the morning exploring the ruins at the Roman Forum, and head up Palatine Hill for a birds eye view of the oldest part of the city. Take your time, there is plenty to see!

Its lunchtime, Get walking! This is the time to explore, head down the side streets, stop for lunch at a quaint italian restaurant, pick up some handmade souvenirs, and definitely get some gelato!

Head to the Colosseum in the early evening for the best chance of avoiding the queues, and getting the best views of this magnificent building. Around 4pm the queues should have subsided, and you should still have ample time to explore. Be sure to check the opening times on your day of visiting however so you are not caught short!

Day 2

Its time to explore the Vatican city. Now this does take some time, and it isn’t something that is worth rushing.  Head to the Vatican and purchase a ticket for the museum, gardens and sistine chapel. The place is huge! The gardens of this magnificent building alone mesmerised me – I could have spent a day just exploring them! Be sure to take advantage of all the museums, and walk at your own pace through this wonderful maze like building.
The final part of your visit will be walking through the sistine chapel, and yes, it’s really busy, but enjoy it! Going at off peak times will help reduce the numbers, as will getting there first thing in the morning, but it will always be a top tourist attract, so some queues will never be avoided.

You will probably want to spend most of the afternoon exploring the Vatican, but if you get out early, the surrounding area has plenty of places to explore, so get wandering. Be sure to stop off in St.Peters square when you are finished, this iconic religious attraction is a landmark you don’t want to miss – especially when you are so close!

After your legs have tired of the Vatican City get yourself over to the Trevi fountain, for an evening of watching one of the worlds most beautiful ornate water fountains. I would recommend taking a taxi from a taxi rank here, if you don’t mind the extra expense, for convenience and to save time, but public transport options are available if you would prefer.
The area surrounding the Trevi fountain is beautiful and the side streets are packed full of small independent restaurants, serving traditional italian cuisine. Take your pick, grab a table and enjoy an evening of relaxation and ambling cobbled side streets, The perfect way to end your time in Rome.

So thats it, 48 hours in Rome! 
Let me know about your trip, and as always, if you have any questions or suggestions I would love to hear from you – leave me a comment below!

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