Woo, so I have won the Versatile Blogger Award. This is a peer based award where other bloggers nominate each other. Its a great way for bloggers in the community to help each other out and I am thrilled to have been nominated, especially as I am in the early stages of my blogging career.

So thanks very much to my nominators Saj and Teej at http://www.muchadventuremanytravel.com, much appreciated guys! Check out their blog for some great travel posts if you get a second!

As a recipient of the award, you are required to write 7 random facts about yourself, which I actually thought is a great way for you guys to get to know me a bit better as well, so here goes!

1 – I am scared of flying – yes, you read this correctly, despite being an avid traveller, I do not like flying – but I get through it, because I know how amazing the destination and journey will be, and I quite like the views from the plane…
(when theres no turbulence… haha!)

2 – I am training to be a veterinarian – I am in my final year of a 5 year degree, so hopefully next summer I will be graduating as a practising veterinary surgeon (fingers crossed!) – this is a picture of me in India working on a neutering programme for dogs with the World Veterinary Service, partnered with the Dogs Trust. 

3 – I don’t like tea – yes I am british, and no I don’t like tea. Everywhere I go people offer me tea, which is lovely, as they assume being british I must drink the stuff like water, I don’t, I drink water, that cool refreshing natural thing that flows down the mountains and falls from the sky – now thats a good drink!

4 – I previously worked as a bar manager – during my ‘gap year’ which would for most people entail exotic travel, I worked as an assistant manager in a pub and learnt a different trade, and some pretty important business skills. It’s crazy to think, but when this was my life, travel wasn’t really top of my agenda, it was something I thought I might enjoy but didn’t put much effort into. Fast forward 5 years and any chance to explore I’m there – its funny how you change over the years!

5 – I am a massive Formula 1 fan – like huge, watch every race, try and go to the British grand prix every year, and once made it to Monza for the Italian grand prix too, which was awesome! Its on my bucket list to spend a year following formula 1 around the world.

6 – I am a keen horse rider – Its not something I have blogged about yet, but I intend to! Exploring the countryside on horse back, galloping on a beach, and cantering around the mountains are a few of my favourite things to do in the saddle.

7 – I’ve been in a hot air ballon, and I don’t want to do it again – Most people really enjoy the experience and have told me they would love to go again. I refuse to enter competitions when told its the prize. Don’t get me wrong I feel fortunate for the experience, and loved celebrating my dads 50th with him above the clouds, but for me it was flying on steroids, with no breaks, or autopilot, and a massive great fire in the middle. I’ll pass next time.

I also get to nominate other travel bloggers who I think are worthy of the award, and these guys definitely get my vote, check them out below:


So thats me, I hope you have learnt a little more, apologies if it wasn’t riveting, its strangely difficult working out 7 things to say about yourself, I was sat here thinking gosh I need to get out more – the irony.
Once again massively grateful for winning this award, I hope you continue to follow my journey to being a slightly less amateur travel blogger!

A x

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