Railay Beach is one of the most beautiful places I visited whilst travelling in Thailand. Looking out to an endless ocean, this idlic beach hides beneath impressive cliffs and provides a setting that is pretty similar to my idea of paradise.

I have to admit, I didn’t know about Railay Beach before arriving in Krabi, which is pretty shameful. I hadn’t paid much attention to the guide books or really researched where I was going at all tbh, I just sort of went in the knowledge my friends probably had, and I would find my way soon enough.

Sure enough they had, and after mentioning they were planning on staying there for a few nights when I ran off to work at the elephant hospital , I figured it was definitely worth a trip over.

And boy am I glad I made that trip. You have to get a long-tail boat from Krabi town which takes 30-40 mins and docks at the pier in Railay.

You walk down the pier and then are faced with some shops, rocks and signposts. At this point I got confused – I have a poor sense of direction.
BUT – when facing the rocks and shops with the pier directly behind you, turn left to walk to the beach, turn right to walk to the hotels. If only I had known this or had a sense of direction I would have saved myself a 45 minute detour!!

My friends went off to check in to their hotel, and after finally getting my bearings I headed off to explore the beach. 

On the path that leads round to the beach, you walk past these impressive cliffs with their overhanging reeds, and monkey residents! Word of warning, don’t approach the monkeys – they think you have food, will mug you for it, and can actually be very dangerous!

After being awe struck at the view when reaching the beach, I decided to stop for lunch at a rather overpriced hotel bar. I didn’t have enough water on me (rookie error), and couldn’t face walking all the way back to the pier to buy some, so an expensive lunch was the only option. However – this was the view from my table, and well, it was worth it!

As you continue to walk down the beach, you see more long-tail boats lined up. I think this is another entry/exit point for people coming to the beach from other destinations, or staying at the local hotels.

KEEP WALKING, and you will be rewarded by the most idilic location, with
no-one else around. PARADISE!

So this is where I stayed, for the rest of the day. Lying in the sun, with not a soul around, appreciating the natural beauty that is Railay Beach.

Around 4pm I started making my way back to the pier to catch the boat back to Krabi, cursing myself that I wasn’t going to be staying here for longer. If you get chance, make this an overnight trip – I’m gutted I didn’t have time!

However I was fortunate enough to see a Dusky Langur in the trees as I was walking back. This absolutely made my day. I love these guys, one of my favourite   primate species, and here I was, in paradise, lucky enough to see one in the wild.


So thats it. I love Railay Beach, and think you probably will to! If your in the area, definitely stop by, you won’t be disappointed! 

A x

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