Hi! Welcome to my photography page. I am just starting out with photography so bare with me, I'm aware my photos aren't amazing but I will get there (hopefully).
Below is a few links to key items I use every day;

- My camera - Nikon D3300 Digital SLR - I really love this body, its easy and simple to use for the beginner, and takes some amazing shots to!

- My rucksack camera bag - BAIGIO Camera Backpack - This is my favourite item, its perfect for storing my camera safely in the bottom, has a laptop compartment in the back and space for a few clothes, money, book, passport etc. as well - it makes the perfect travel companion come plane, train or walk in the rain! And I would not be without it

- My memory card - 16GB SanDisk Ultra - now I could lie and say I use a really huge memory card, but the fact is I don't, so far 16GB has been enough for me!

If you keep scrolling you'll get to my current portfolio which is a work in progress but we all start somewhere!
If you would ever like to use my work, or need a photographer please email me at: travelanimalonline@outlook.com

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