Having just returned from the beautiful island of Zakynthos, I thought it was a good opportunity to run through my top 5 things to do whilst exploring the island, so here goes!

1) Go the viewpoint of Navagio Beach and the famous shipwreck, and keep walking (carefully!)
The viewpoint itself gives a quite limited view of the shipwreck and stunning coastline, but if you keep walking around the cliff edge, being very careful as the rocks are loose and can fall away!, you will get to an absolutely stunning view of not only the shipwreck and beach but the rugged coastline. You can sit up there peacefully for an age if you time it right. We hired a quad bike and drove through the mountains, and it took roughly an hour from Tsilivi.
Top tip – get there before 8am for the maximum amount of tourist free time, and to enjoy the view without anyone else and before the boats start arriving on the beach, obscuring your view!

2) Hire a quad bike and drive around the island and through the mountains 
The island is stunning, and if you just stay in one resort, you really will miss out. I really enjoyed the drive down the costal road from Zante town to Gerakas in Vasilikos – its beautiful!

3) Watch the sunrise
I don’t think it really matters where you do this, just make sure you get up early enough one day to experience a magical greek sunrise.

4) Hire a boat
Another great way to see the island and go turtle spotting without chasing them. You can turn the engine off and just float and see if you are lucky enough to spot one – we weren’t but the views of the sea and coast are stunning, the sea is warm and the swimming is great. We also went to turtle island, but be warned its very busy during the day, lots of boats are there, and there is only a very limited area where you can walk (rightly so!) because it is a key nesting area for the islands turtles.

View from turtle island (above)

5) Visit Zakynthos town
I really enjoyed wandering around the town centre, the people were really friendly, (as they are everywhere here!) and Agios Dionysios church is pretty breathtaking, and definitely worth taking the time to visit. Another thing I loved was swimming in the harbour, the water was really clear, and it was a welcome refreshing break from the beating sun. To get to a safe place to swim, just head to the harbour and keep walking away from the church, just passed the museum and coach pick ups and you will turn a corner and see some steps which lead down the rocks into the ocean – enjoy!

Agios Dionysios church (above)

If you walk round this church (above) at the end of the harbour and head left you will get to the swimming areas (below)!

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